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Siesko Partners is an insurance coverage and claims services law firm offering solutions to the legal and risk management issues faced by policyholders, carriers and other insurance industry stakeholders. We provide coverage advice to clients, both domestic and international, on a broad range of property, casualty and specialty lines insurance products. We seek pragmatic resolution to clients' coverage or claims services disputes while avoiding excessive legal fees and protracted litigation. Our services include consultation and representation at mediation and arbitration, as well as offering unique dispute resolution strategies.

Clients choose Siesko Partners for our in depth understanding of the insurance claims process and our unparalleled commitment to success. Thank you for your interest in our firm. We would be privileged to speak with you further.

David Siesko to speak at The 2013 Claims Summit Europe Conference

Since the beginning of “insurance time” the industry has struggled with balancing between effective customer service strategies and protecting the financial strength of the carrier.

The question arises, with the more litigious environment that we are dealing with, whether claims departments have moved on a ‘safety first' option of appointing lawyers to defend and negotiate claims rather than look at potential ways to mitigate these losses.

Do we need to become more proactive, especially with our high value clients, in offering a proactive service to reduce the loss or, does this service open us out to too much potential litigation risk?

Or is there a third way? Is it possible to have actions and words really come together to deliver on customers’ needs as valued business partners?

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